Welcome to The Soccer Ball Company!

Purchase an in-stock soccer ball or order a complete custom soccer ball – your choice!

We specialize in providing the complete custom soccer ball…you decide exactly what you want – the style of ball, the size, the colours, the printing, the logo…absolutely everything.

Whether you are looking for a team soccer ball complete with your team’s colours and team¬†logo for play or a corporate design ball with your company’s name and logo to use for a promotion or a gift, we can provide the complete custom soccer ball that you need.

Check out our site to view sample custom logo soccer balls from previous customers. For inquiries and price quotes, please email:


Also available:

  • in-stock soccer balls in a variety of designs for sale
  • complete custom logo: ¬†volleyballs, beach volleyballs, rubber basketballs, baseballs, footballs and rugby balls.

2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Wilfrid Grassau says:

    Check out our selection of In-Stock soccer balls, on sale now.

    END OF SUMMER SALE ….. In-Stock soccer balls – were $18.50, now $12.50

  2. Wilfrid Grassau says:

    Go UOIT Ridgebacks … Good luck with your 2015 Fall Soccer Season!!!

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